Tuesday, 4 October 2016

What should be painted on the Brexit Battle Bus?

Befroe the EU referendum we had the VoteLeave battle bus saying let's fund the NHS with £350m a week instead of sending it to the EU.

We now need a Brexit Battle Bus that proudly proclaims what Brexit will actually mean in monetary terms, before the Article 50 button is pressed.  There's two sides and a roof, so the opportunity for three major messages. The rear can also be used for something short and punchy.

I hope that the figures will be good, in which case it will help to persade the 48% who voted Remain to believe that Brexit is a good idea, and heal this split in the population.  But I fear the figures will be bad, in which case will the Government still have public opinion on their side to press the Article 50 button?. Either way the public needs to know, loud and clear.

The Autumn Statement in November will give us some numbers.  One will be the forecast of total borrowings by comparison to the final year in the spring Budget.  Higher or lower?

The £350m was a gross number, not net. The second side can show what will actually happen to the £350m, such as paying for ex-pats' health cover in Spain.  Still a surplus?

That leaves us two spaces.  Any suggestions?

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