Thursday, 23 June 2016

#EUref - Economy and Immigration - You Decide

As a eurosceptic, I was initially inclined to vote Leave.  But on closer investigation I have decided to #VoteRemain.

There are several factors, but two stand out:
  1. EconomyThe experts all agree Leave would be an economic disaster, with a high chance of an immediate recession, self-induced. Who wants that? #VoteRemain
  2. Immigration: The chances are minimal that a free-trade deal with the EU won't continue to require Free Movement of People. The idea of getting control of the UK borders in respect of EU nationals is therefore a red herring. There is no point voting Leave if immigration is what is bothering you. 
There are other factors, notably:
  • To me any improvement in sovereignty and democracy is balanced out by the loss of influence in the EU. There will no longer be Brits in the European Commission, helping to steer regulations and other European-wide actions in the UK's interests.
  • The #VoteLeave camp have failed to provide any more vision of the future than a slogan. There is no agreement on what type of trade agreement there would be with the EU, nor a plan for how to get there. They are simply suggesting throwing ourselves off a cliff with no safety equipment and no idea what we'd find at the bottom. It is not good enough. Do not #VoteLeave
  • There is a high risk that Brexit would trigger further political unrest across Europe, that could well prompt the collapse of the Euro or the EU itself. While many would welcome that, as a step towards a replacement organisation, the economic chaos would be extremely painful for Europeans and the UK alike. Again Do not #VoteLeave
So Remain or Leave? To me the only sensible vote fom the above evidence is to #VoteRemain.


  • If Remain, the option to Leave continues. As a eurosceptic, I would want to keep the Leave option under constant review as the EU changes. 
  • However a Leave vote is final.  The EU can't be expected to take the UK back.
Thre is clearly only one answer. #VoteRemain

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